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Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers INR   0 INR  0

Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Offered at market leading prices, Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers offered by us have an operating voltage ranging from 350 to 500 volt. These stabilizers are provided with VIF indicators that provide information on voltage, current and frequency of the phase in the single phase version. Further, energy meters present in these products will indicate the amount of power used while operating the equipment on DG set. Features and specifications: • RYB indicators: These lamps indicate the incoming phase Switches (optional) • Change over switch: This switch will enable the change over from mains to the D G set • By-pass switch: This switch enables to by-pass the servo stabilizer in case of failure of the servo stabilizer. The equipment connected through the stabilizer will get the supply directly from mains, once the stabilizer is by-passed • DG Set: The servo stabilizer is compatible with DG set and with the equipment connected through this stabilizer • Battery charger unit: This is provided to charge the battery in the DG set • Cable glands and terminal links: The stabilizer comes with cable glands and terminal links that suit the current requirement of incoming cables • Single phasing preventer: This feature of the three phase version prevents the equipment from single phasing, which in turn checks damage that can be caused due to the same



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