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AC Voltage Stabilizer

INTRODUCTION We provide Air Conditioner Stabilizer that is fabricated with pre-mium components. Our high quality Air Conditioner Stabilizer is widely demanded in national and international markets. The high grade Air Conditioner Stabilizer provided by us is highly efficacious as well as durable which render consistent performance for longer time period. Our Voltage Power Controllers are elegantly designed and comes with high quality Toroidal Transform-er which ensures less heating and en-hanced life. These Automatic Voltage Stabilizer and power Regula-tors comes with a name to reckon with Quality & Reliability as they give unmatched performances. These models are specially designed for use with Air conditioners & come with Digital / Analog display meters to show output. ADVANTAGES OF A TOROIDAL TRANSFORMER As expressed earlier these volt-age stabilizers come with a Toroidal transformer in place of a conventional EI core Transformer. Toroidal Trans-former offers many advantages over a conventional Laminated Transformer. Toroidal has a round shape with no air gaps, and with the primary and second-ary windings uniformly distributed around the core, “locks in" the magnet-ic field and makes the Toroidal Trans-former very quiet and efficient. Toroi-dal Transformers, by meeting today's requirements for smaller, more effi-cient, quieter, and safer products, are being accepted in an increasing range of electronic and electrical equipment. With Toroidal Transformer’s smaller dimensions, lighter weight, and low stray magnetic fields, you can build more compact, lower cost quality products without sacrificing performance. SALIENT FEATURES 1. Digital IC Controlled Circuit 2. Low Loss TOROIDAL Trans-former with German Technology has reduced No–load losses to make it the most economical Stabilizer in its class. 3. Inter-Turn Insulation tested to withstand five times the normal voltage & frequency. 4. High & low voltage cut-off for compressor protection. 5. Easy to install, operate , main-tain & service. 6. Safety to compressor through Intelligent Time Delay system between shutdown & restarts. 7. Elegant, Sleek, Attractive & Compact design with aesthetics to match any décor. 8. Tested to IS 8448: 1994



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